14 Apr

Y n p r a Y w a Y s   [ Supernaturalist ]

E n c o d e d     Yahweh You Yeshua

03 22 2024

Sacred Singularity. 03 22 2024 5am ( Friday ).Sacred Supreme Being [ not the Supreme Court ] will Judge You. 

You solemnly swear with the Holy Bible on taking the Oath of Office and yet you encourage other Faiths in support AGAINST the Holy Bible?. This is an insult & mockery of Christianity which go against GOD. 


YAHWEH created humans EQUAL but no 2 person DNA is the same. Chosen Call from THE Creator. Amen. Intuitionist... Quiet Quest. 03 22 2024   4am [ Friday ].

With this size and magnitudes, it shows sign of Christianity declination led by Christian leaders in a Christian Country. Forsaking True God will have serious Consequences. Admiring Statues is one thing. Worshipping statues is another.Myanmar/Burma's Generals namely Ne Win, Khin Nyunt, Than Shwe & Min Aung Hlaing Buddhist Temples are nothing compare to this 185 Acres of India's Hindu Shrine in America (New Jersey).My take. YAHWEH reigned is designed in infinite UNIVERSE and NOT in acreage and in invisible being. Not TANGIBLE structures & statues....... Intuitionist 


Even the Planets will not last let alone human structures no matter how big or splendor it is.. All things must past including YOU. Naked Truth. 

Christian God Country. Good Ole USA !!! The Authentic Original ... The Truth.







United States should learn the amount of money is NOT the point but how you spend wisely with clarity goal is the point... Lynways 

Sometimes Capitalism is as Bad as Communism in Some ways. YES, Sometimes. 

It is about Boy David & Giant Goliath 21st Century. No one can ignore ***MYBOOK*** in the future...Lynways 

Don't dig the dirt.
Dig the truth. Don't do what Evil does in Evil & Wicked ways. Did it in Goodwill Goodness ways & intent for Truth is Eternal.... Lynways ! 

They know not what they are doing or saying. I'm not for partial picture nor for rumor or discrimination. I'm for whole picture, real truth and for Innocence. In God I trust. 

Supernaturalist   [ Holilyn ]









Federal Union Myanmar. Choice of Travel.Wonderful. Yangon Dala bridge by Democratic Korea will contribute the development of Greater Yangon City. Bridge over Yangon River is beneficial for both Dala & Yangon. Dala is strategically located facing Andaman sea. As I had previously mentioned Yangon State will include Dala Thanlyin & Bago making bigger with NEW Capital City (named Maharmate meaning Alliance) will be build at Thanlyin side. In Bago which will be part of Yangon State will have New International Airport.Boat trips will also be available for choice of experiencing boat trips. Win win for both boat & car trips across Yangon River.....XixxiX 


Than Lwin Times


NUG Defense Minister Field Inspection INSIDE Myan Mar.



AyeYarWaDy, ChinDwin, BaGo, SitTaung & ThanLwin Rivers




Civil War


G 7 vs Russia + China


Myanmar Central Bank


Myanmar Beauty



Mandalay Bay

MGM donates land for "Permanent Memorial" in the Route 91 harvest music festival massacre on October 1st, 2017 where 60 (58+2) victims died.


MAI new


MAI old


Self Employed Debit Card


MAI close up (new)




Myeik Natural Reserve

# Attraction Islands of Myeik Archipelago namely Heartshape, Horseshoe & Nyaung Oo Phee islands. Heartshape island is known for sharks laying babies because it is remote isolated & secluded for it is accessible into the heart shape lagoon ONLY during LOW tide where one inlet emerge as opening from the wall of rocky cliffs.I CAN create Myanmar not only # 1 in ASEAN but also in par with Japan Financially, Technologically & Democratically UNITED as 1 Nation, 1 people, 1 freedom for all.Example:I will make "Entire Myeik Archipelago" [800 or more islands] a National NATURE Reserve Park taking # 1 spot of Myanmar in Nature preservation, Science conservation and balanced cohesive development in line with international norms & regulations. This major project will overtake the current # 1 Tourists' attraction BAGAN. BAGAN will rank 2nd to MYEIK. First & foremost MYEIK City needs to expand its Airport as International Airport. If not expandable, find a suitable site that can build NEW Large modern International Airport to accommodate big Airplanes to land.


My #1 favorite beach [Grandfather Beach] in Myanmar, my birth place region [ Thanintharyi ]. These white sand dunes appear when Andaman Sea rescind/LOW TIDE as shallow waters. This unique place is at the inner peninsula of Dawei City, Capital of Tanintharyi Region southern most part TIP of Myanmar. Rare & unique natural beauty. 








E n c o d e d

Indigo (Bright Blue) Lobster. 1 in Millions Rarest

Philippines intercept Chinese vessels


US warns China


Blessed are the poor in spirit,
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Matthew 5:3

Our Lord Jesus said, it is easier for an Elephant to go through the needle hole than worldly wealth & powerful to enter Heaven. Amen.

Philippines Stands Against China



Burma Burmese Buddhist Bullies Bullshit Baloney Backfires. They didn't know EVERYTHING is in Christian God's hands.
HonestHermit. 02252023 

Russia exchange land for humans. Civilians & Soldiers are worthless compare to land, a land that belongs to Ukraine. Not Russia. Greed for land is the root source of killing & destruction. Be truthful. 






American Troops in Taiwan

American ADDITIONAL Troops in Taiwan. US don't play games. US is dead serious going to war with Anti-Freedom enemies. Eagle is soaring in ACTION, never TALK nor BARK like Chinks.



Modern Tanks arrived in Ukraine


UNGA votes




My Favorite 2 Southern Nevada State parks. Little Finland near Mesquite & Valley of Fire near Las Vegas. 


Stressful Sin City?. Be Honest & Truthful with us. 


Made in China SUCKS 


Look ... let me get this straight, Now. US President Joe Biden is the War Time President. A war invasion by Russia. I will support our President no matter he is a Democrat OR Republican. Party and Politics doesn't matter. Country & People does. 

Burma Burmese Buddhist Bullies Bullshit Baloney Backfires. They didn't know EVERYTHING is in Christian God's hands.
HonestHermit. 02252023 

Russia exchange land for humans. Civilians & Soldiers are worthless compare to land, a land that belongs to Ukraine. Not Russia. Greed for land is the root source of killing & destruction. Be truthful. 



THE  INVASION. Putin's Russia War Crimes. Viewer discretion Advised. The "cruelty & destruction" is worse than Hitler's World War 2.


US to UNSC. Reminding why & what UNSC was founded on.



As Time moves on, CHANGE is what we need. Abolish 1 Man 1 Wife Outdated Obsolete Irrelevant LAW. Freedom of Choice should be Amended/Implemented. 

HonestHermit 02272023


Females population is multiplying FAST more than males in this world. 


Fresh Water will be more valuable than Gold in 2nd half of 21st Century & USA Freedom Town, Nye County has Abundance


Freedom Town, Nye County


Strategic Locational Freedom Town, NV. USA. The FREEST (least restrictive) place in the ENTIRE US of A where mountain range of paper work documents & mostly rubbish piled up with massive protracted restrictions. So free **Mankind OLDEST** 'profession' since ancient times is being practiced in Pahrump. This is the proof "it is what it is" place. Honest, Sincere & Fiercely Freedom. Amen. Did you know Freedom Town [ Pahrump, Nye County, Nevada, USA ] has the potential to become tourist destination rival to Sin City (1 hour drive) WITHOUT glittering & fancy sights mainly on Strip & Downtown 2main spots?. I had plenty of IDEAS but it all depends on the concerning authorities to follow & implement in practical terms. Freedom Town, Nye County, Nevada location (short distance sharing COMMON border & very close proximity with California), environmental & historical facts are so unique & strategically helpful in becoming tourist destination at least rival or more than Sin City (live for over 4 decades), Clark County, Nevada, USA. Note for Now!!!. $1 (Freedom) = $100,000 (Sin) equivalent using & implemented Formula/Idea for "WASTEFUL money is Forbidden in Freedom". Maintaining & preserving as much as possible while developing blending with Nature. Balance Approach. Few Facts:-:First & Foremost Freedom Town already has Casinos but don't expand this. Just preserve it for IF International Gamblers want to Gamble they can go to Sin City (transport system must be excellent & convenient) with massive gambling Casinos. What needs to be expand is... Hospital/Healthcare, COMPACT but ULTRA MODERN International Airport, Accommodation, Access to California State built new or upgrade highway shortest route DIRECT to Baker, Calif. & maintain preserve the historical sites both in Nevada & California States producing $$$ for world travelers. Pahrump is situated at the back of Mt. Charleston thus routes (back ways) for nature's observation needs to be built to provide visits for Nature lovers & scientific studies. These are few tips not to mention Freedom Town has abundance of fresh CLEAN water both underground & above collecting canals System for rain falls to the massive reservoir/lake. Control the population of Freedom Town to UNDER 100,000.Picture ... Wild Horse (my fav color White & Brown) represents *Wild & Free* SYMBOL. Amen. IT IS WHAT IT IS where Nature @ its BEST with Balance Flexible Cohesive Smart Development. You can "Live Outsmart Life" [ LOL ] IF you know how to & with God's permission of course. Amen After Amen.

 3 finalist of 3some
1] Undying Love
2] Silent Love
3] Heart to Heart ... Whoever the *long lasting lover* will be the ONE... HonestHermit. 





Russia rejects China peace proposal



Kyaukpyu port









6 generation







Marry once and then divorce and remarry and then divorce and remarry again and then divorce again and again ? Does it make sense? Any sense or just wasting time, money & life. Nonsense. 

As Time moves on, CHANGE is what we need. Abolish 1 Man 1 Wife Outdated Obsolete Irrelevant LAW. HonestHermit 02272023






Just 1 question to THE 1st Trillionaire Whoever will be. Just 1. How much money will you take with you when your final day/night comes?. How much?. Be honest & truthful. 


02282023 "Making Mistakes" is My Hallmark. What does it shows?. It shows I'm not perfect & mortal. A human. Simple & Straightforward. Living a *Simple Life*. Amen. 


China owes US $22Trillion and counting.






Giant Step

Wonderful Move. 5 + 1 PACT. US After Russia. Implementation on UNGA Resolution 2023 back by 141 Nations. 


US after China. Strategic move by US & Kazakhstan. 






Asbury Revival

Mankind Does Not Live By Bread (physical food) Alone. People forget about that. Children Of Light ( COL ) have to remind the "forgetful" people. In other words there is PHYSICAL food & SPIRITUAL food. Always remember that. Amen.



TASTE is TERRIFIC. Digging ( slang for loving ) the Deep ( slang for speciality ).Authentic Genuine Yangon Street Food ONLY in Myanmar. Nowhere else. Dated 03012023. Of course you can get Myanmar/Burmese food in other countries or places but the TASTE will be different for the Authenticity of Ingredients will never be the same. The mixture,  the texture, the TASTE is different. The same foods but different TASTE. I'm a different guy you know. The fact that I had visited 3 times back across "half way" around the Globe then after I left the country is MAINLY for the Food. You can say FOOD TRIP visits.Example. The Chinese from China, Hongkong even from Taiwan cannot cook to be taste like Chinese born & raise in Burma/Myanmar. SAME race, SAME ways, SAME foods but DIFFERENT in TASTE. That's why it has the word "Authentic". 



FOE in Form of FRIEND.Russia didn't know or understand about the FRIEND (actually eternal foe) stabbing her back. The SNAKE or DRAGON is waiting to strike Russia from the backyard. 


UNION of Ukraine, Kazakhstan & Mongolia (3 Nations) will "Checkmate" BOTH Russia & China. Throwing one stone for 2 birds scenario. 








All men are created equal BUT ...
Muslim 4 wives Buddhist 3 wives
Christian 1 wife ??? Why? Be honest, fair & truthful. Did the Bible said so? Did Jesus said that?. Please clarify. 






This is MYANMAR. It is what it is. A name known by NATIVES since the days of MONGOLS era where MONGOLS indeed invaded Burmese Bagan Kingdom (Central Burma) and ransacked. "Mongols" called "Myanmar" (Myan Mar / 2 words) as "Myintin" (Myin Tin) in those days. Unlike anyplace in the world. MyanMar is different. SO AM I. Don't imposed "Western Style" Democracy in Myanmar. It will NOT work and CAN be counter productive. Can backfire deadly. Let Myanmar choose Democracy in her OWN style, her OWN pace, her OWN will without outside carbon copy INTERFERENCE. My prime suspects? Russia & China controls Burmese Military to do for their benefits. Myanmar has the size of roughly "State of Texas" with 55 Million population. 135 ethnic different races living as UNION.Outside INTERFERENCE is Rampant (including neighboring countries) watching the longest CIVIL war the world had ever seen. Instead country like CHINA/Chinese exploit and fan the country to their advantage. Neighbors interested in the VALUE of Myanmar. Since world war 2 ended, civil war is on going to this day and the WORLD did nothing SERIOUS to stop it. 1948 to 2023 ... The ONLY country fighting civil war on Planet Earth for 75 years and counting since World War 2 to date. Some evil & wicked minded countries wanted to see Myanmar POOR so that they can EXPLOIT. Instead of going AGAINST them, teach them, show them, train them and most of all GUIDE them HOW to be patient civilized & far Sightfulness for FREEDOM is natural, Universal,  time consuming & well balanced God given rights to ALL mankind including Military. Cannot be rushed. Amen.Note.   MYANMAR is tuck between India & China (2 nuclear power Asian Giants) and she Balance Between India (Democratic) & China (Autocratic) well and exists Independently maintain her unique IDENTITY to this day. Bravo Burma!. 



Proper English. Pete is a good (intention) & kind man. Speaks Burmese Fluently.











Russian Fighter take out US Drone.


Myanmar Stones & Gold




Swift Collapse


Aye Myat Thu


God's Wrath


Myanmar Military

I don't have any problem Military participating in Coalition Government. Not at all.2021. Burma chooses Socialism since 1948 independence from UK. The 1st elected Pime Minister U Nu interview reveals Burmese knows very well of Capitalism n western attitudes. Burma's policy is friends to all including Communist as long as they don't interfere in Burma's internal affairs. But Burma Military fights all rebellion inside Burma including Communist Party that went underground. I strongly believe current backwards situation must have strong reasons to happen NOT ruling out China & Russia involvement pulling strings from behind derailing democratic developments. U Nu tries to make Buddhism as "National Religion" but FAILED. Thank God Lord Jesus didn't allow. Democracy in Burma is short live (only Jan 1948 to March 1962) and Military led by General Ne Win stage a coup in 1962. Elected Prime  Minister U Nu was ousted and went EXILE. By 1989 "Burma" name changed to "Myanmar" by the Military Regime. That angering the WEST. Colonial Name Burma was gone for good or was it?. Some countries/Governments stick to colonial name just because they don't like the Military Regime bringing political agenda to forefront. 


44th Initiative @ Yangon University.

10 years / 1 decade After/Later what goes/went wrong?. 44th Initiative [My nickname for Goodwill/Gesture]. The Spirit & Dedication to Democracy STAYS & STANDS STRONG. "Myanmar Naing Ngan Mingalar Bar" said Our 44th. Meaning "Goodwill Greetings to Myanmar Nation". Good deeds never dissipates. Amen. If I had it my way I will seal off the Entire Compound and Buildings of THIS particular University preserve & maintain as original and turn it into as "National Museum" for all people of Myanmar & the foreigners can visit as tourism attraction. In Democracy, Transparency  Counts. 




Dr. Thant Myint-U

Humanity & Politics are 2 different matters.My Take :-: Just as there is "Egyptology" studying Egypt, there is or should be  "Myanmaristics" studying Myanmar a Nation that exists thousands of years before Jesus era. Even right now there are many unexplored places inside Myanmar that even Myanmar Government/Generals let alone foreigners know about it.WE are now entering 21st Century  Myanmars' (or Myanmarese) Era beyond Bagan & Burma. WE will move FORWARD not backward in thinking seeking AND understanding the true nature of Myan Mar [ Mian Mar ]. Why didn't the Mongols or Manchurians or even Yuan Dynasty in present Yunnan province of China called Burma or Burmese?. Why?. Because BURMA doesn't EXIST then. They called them "Myin Tint". Seeking authentic originality in any Nation's history is an alienable BASIC rights of a Nation herself. No other Nation or Collective of Nations has the right to DICTATE or INTERFERE or BULLY in the DESTINY of a Free, Independent Sovereign Nation, a Genuine Freedom WE all cherished. Hidden History. Dr.Thant Myint U presentation.My presentation is Myanmar has a very long history dating back to thousands of years Before Christ is [ BC ] ... You cannot apply the right & correct policy on Unique & Conspicuously Different Country like Myanmar WITHOUT thoroughly understanding Myanmar completely. The approachment needs understanding the nation governance & the people of Myanmar. Actually Myanmar is an ancient nation like Egypt except Myanmar is in Asia & Egypt is in Africa. LACK of understanding can lead to CHAOS and backfires. My objective is the poor people, they suffer so long, so much but endure with a smile with " Ta Na Ka " natural cream taken from tree bark on their faces "look down" by wicked minded arrogant ones. The nation is poor but the country is rich in natural resources and that is why some countries want to see her in trouble all the time fanning the fire burning to this day. Counting dead civilians and soldiers doesn't benefit humankind. Finding/creating and solving does. Real civilization goes after the cause of *why it is what it is* and had the courage to solve it. Not fan it. With Jesus (Myanmars called it Thakin Yeshua) help we can do it. Even to Buddhist/Buddhism (imported influence converted by India, big neighbor & annexed by British) majority nation like Myanmar for "Thakin Yeshua" teachings of LOVE is blind & had no limits or boundaries. It is UNIVERSAL. [why is justice in America the lady who holds the Balance is blindfolded?] I want to recalled our 44th President Obama's Greetings as a HELPING HAND just the way he said exactly in Burmese ... Myan Mar Naing Ngan ...  Min Ga Lar Bar. [ Myanmar Nation ... Goodwill Greetings ]. The "44th Initiative" I called  it. Let's be honest sincere & truthful. Amen. NOTE.  If you ignore Myanmar you are ignoring the world because Myanmar is part of the world & contagious. So is or like wise Ukraine too is same like Myanmar. Don't be ignorant for ripple domino effects does exist AND deadly. BOTH Myanmar (Chinese) & Ukraine (Russians) was/is INVADED by foreign powerful forces suffering heavy losses unimaginable. Humanity Hermitt. 03162023. 


You can lie to Autocrats IF you want BUT Be Honest & Truthful with us.The British ANNEX Burma to India during colonial rule (2 separate n independent nations into 1) to make the British easier to rule. That is "grossly wrong". What can I say? The British won the War (with Burmese 3 times & won all 3) and takes all and do whatever they want. It destroys the Independent nature of Myanmar. I don't blame the Burmese having doubts on the West, especially the Brits after what had happened in the past. The LAST Burmese King THIBAW and his Royal Family was taken to India and when the King died he was buried in INDIA. This "Rohingya thing" that Indians/Bangladeshi owns of Arakan/Rakhine is rubbish. In fact not only Arakan (their name) but also Assam (now rule by India) was part of Burmese Kingdom led by King Ba Yint Naung.I endorse Thant Myint U/TMU his YHT ( Yangon Heritage Trust ) project 100%.The British called it "Bur Ma"/Burma ( deprive from Ba Mar / Burmese Race). The Mongols who conquer China and the Chinese call it " Myin Tint"/Myintint and I, Terence Lyn (English name) @ Thane Toe Lyn (Burmese name) called it "Myan Mar"/Myanmar ... 1 Country 3 Names.He/TMU was born in USA and lives in Yangon, RUM. I/TTL was born in RUM and lives in USA. He showed/guide US 44th President Obama around Secretariat British Governance building in Yangon when Obama visited MYANMAR.TMU is same like Iconic Actress Nicole Kidman born in USA (Hawaii) but lives in Australia with her family. 


USA the Stealthy Super Power


Putin arrest warrant




Personally I name this Best of Bests Beach ...*Lyn Lagoon* in my birthplace region Tanintharyi,  Southern most Myanmar. This beach is unique. It's ONLY available when the Andaman Sea Tide goes down. When the Sea Tide rises it submerged the entire Beach underwater.My Favorite number 1 Beach in the entire world. This beach is unknown & unexplored which I like it as the Virgin Pristine Beach "As Is" secretively secluded. Name is "Grandfather Rock Beach" in Dawei Peninsula INLET, Tanintharyi Region, Republic of the Union of Myanmar. The only RIVAL but I would rather say "Runner Up / 2nd" is the Beach (not accessible by land) in Queensland, Australia near Great Barrier Reef. Name will provide later. 


My Birthplace Myeik Archipelago. Myanmar Southern Region. I love the HEART shape lagoon island.I like the background music. It's Christian music (Joy to the World). Maybe Myanmar Christians (like me) shoot this video. Anyway KAWTHONG city is the southern most tip of Myanmar. Like to visit this place. Not the Pagodas though (I'm not Buddhist) for It's against my FAITH. Sorry, no hard feeling folks. Everybody has the right to ADHERE to his/her FAITH. Amen. 



White Cross 2023AD

Russia collapse


China debt










FREEDOM For ... Entire country 3,015 locals ( including political prisoners ) & 98 foreigners released from jail on April 17th 2023 [ Myanmar New Year Day ]. 1st day of Myanmar New Year, should bring "Good Omen" for Myanmar. Just as Our 44th US President Obama said in his speech in Yangon, Myanmar. Quote " if you release your iron grip, we will extend our helping hand " End quote, is true & alive well. Goodwill towards Myanmar [ Myanmar Naing Ngan......Min Ga Lar Bar. ].44th Initiative. Amenn.Tabinshwehtee21C.  Dated April 17th, 2023. 


British Empire: 13.7 Million Square Miles.
Mongols Empire: 9.3 Million Square Miles.
Soviet Empire: 8.8 Million Square Miles. 

No Nation or Slew of Nations cannot face the Realities of USD let alone topple the $. None !+!. Dream On...Whitecross 2023AD 

Defeated Devil Demonology. Satan's Limited Power.# 1 The devil cannot force you to sin.# 2 The devil cannot be in 2 places at once.# 3 The devil cannot read minds.# 4 The devil cannot do anything without God's permission first.# 5 Satan/ Devil cannot win.Murderers does not stand in the Truth." Truth will Prevail. Force will be met with Equal or Greater Force ". White Cross Platform 2023 A.D. 


Whitecross 2023AD





Israel CLOSED tunnels


Real Rainbow ( 7 colors ) & Fake Rainbow ( 6 colors ) Souls Day & Halloween Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays, Good & Evil, Christ & Anti-Christ 

Tri - Nity Terencelyn [2016] > Lynpray [2019] > Lynways [2023]. Amen.3 in 1 person. *Wonderful*. 

Yahweh / Yeshua is ... Everywhere Everything & Eternal L Y n p r a Y

 When Yahweh & Yeshua involves, EVERYTHING is OVERRULED & Superseded

L Y n w a Y s





Blood of Yeshua / Jesus [ DNA ]. November 1st, 2023 




Did you know EVERY individual was CREATED equal [ By Yahweh ] but not BORN equal. Like 56th Speaker Of The House [ SOTH ] said?. Humans have DNA blueprints created by Yahweh but being born in rich or poor family is NOT God's creation. There's a difference there. Some are born rich and some poor. The WILL for LIFE and the WILL to KILL makes the difference. Big Humongous Difference. Amen.

Lynprayways... rival to famous Philosophers.


Positive Thinker 56th Speaker of the House is GREAT. Young & Smart. Very Smart. Good for America. Amen.Watch, Jealous people will attack him from all Corners & Ways for "Jealousy" is the ROOT of all Evil. Amen After Amen.

YYY is with us.......Lynprayways.


November 2nd, 2023.The 1st time Yahweh eradicate Evil is known as Noah Flood. The 2nd time of Jesus / Yeshua coming will be known as Judgment Wrath....Lynprayways. 

Yahweh / Yeshua is ... Everywhere Everything & Eternal

L Y n p r a Y

 Y Y Y [ Yahweh Yeshua Yonder ] ....... *LYnpraYwaYs*... [ Lyn (2016) > pray (2019) > ways (2023) ] 3 - in - 1 Concept......... "Angel Wonderful".Both Heads = Axis of Evil & Anti - Christ.

Eradicate = Judgement War.

Go to lynpray.com

Click on Crossview

Click on YYY. 

Step by step in Perseverance, we will overcome & achieve our goals of Eradicate Evil from the face of the Earth. BOTH heads of the snake MUST/MANDATORY be cut off for peace & tranquility REIGN forever under the rule of Good, Goodness, Goodwill. Amen. In Yahweh Yeshua Spirit [ YYS ] ... Trinity Transparency. 


Yahweh [ GOD ] knows when to fight and not to fight. It's called PRECISION Timing. 


The world was shocked on what happened in Israel. I'm not for I know the world is full of wicked. Time for Judgment by Yeshua to eradicate Evil is foretold in OUR Bible. Amen. 

WE r not like THEM
THEY r not like US
"Status Quo"


Ukraine Gorgeous. Innocent & Beautiful Outshined Wicked & Evil. The Difference between US & THEM. Amen. 


Slow Old Train Ride in Ayeyarwady Delta, Myanmar. 


Natural abundance of fertile land "Ayeyarwady Delta" ( once known as rice bowl of Asia ) that can be seen from SPACE. Abundance of rain fall & fresh water FREE not to mention many rivers and streams tributary from Ayeyarwady River, the lifeblood of Myanmar. The ugly truth of ransack by "Old & Foolish" rather than "Young & Smart" ruling. 


Heartbeat Law




Christ Creed Christianity. The most powerful in our Universe. Amen.Lovers & Haters. Which side r u?. 



Angel Wonderful


46th President


Arabs are the Root Cause.


Jesus Blood was FOUND and still ALIVE !!!


Middle East countries Population.


M-E Countries Map



 N I N Map in Red Line.

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