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2] Politics
3] Envy
4] Wickedness
5] Lies
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October 16th, 2022
Experiences from Life & Wisdom from God

Did you know or believe I can write a book or books about my life in Myanmar/Burma & United States IF I wanted to. I can make Millions of USD for base on truth reality & experiences with the help & wisdom from Jesus Christ. Amen.
What I suffer all through out my life is 'nothing' compared to what Jesus suffer and gone through his life. That's the 1st example. Amen....Rarer23rdC

Did you know or notice I had created many things Ideas & ways unknown strange & weird BEFORE ???. Well, to be simple God had a purpose and HE is using me. I live for HIM.
Did you know the 'whole' BIBLE is the past, present & the future?.
China annex East Turkestan
Massive order for Boeing
After the Resurrection. Jesus of Nazareth. Son of God
Life of Jesus
My Own Country
Bad Company
Mya Kan Thar Ohn Restaurant
Khine Khine Kyaw Restaurant
Burmese store in canada
Pond on Mars
Shasta Lake
Japan can save Taiwan from China
CHINA destroying Earth
God Equation
Pacific Islands
Grandfather Beach
Rolling Stones Private Jet
Rangoon to Singapore Flight
Huge Airplanes Landing
Japan prepares for WAR with China
2nd fav Boeing 777. In fact the latest, modern and the best in commercial Airplanes. The biggest of its kind (777) is 777-9. I like the 12 tires set (6 landing tires each side) for the main and 2 tires for the front landing. By the way Thai Airways is in trouble and cannot with stand the storm of pandemic woes. As for "designs and logo", My 2 Top Airlines are American Airlines & Myanmar Airways International in this entire world of Airlines
Myanmar Popular National Food MOHINGA (Fish Soup Rice Noodle). She uses only 3 kinds of fresh water Fishes namely Nga Gin, Nga Ku, Nga Gyi ONLY. Nga means short for fish. Her prime delicacy is Nga Tha Lauk Au (fried fish eggs). If you look at the picture, next to boil egg, longish stuffs are fried fish eggs. Taste very delicious & rare to get item
Changing The World One Day @ a Time.
is my First Initial Website.
Second is neowiseinstitute change to website
Third & final website is
American Genius Adoniram Judson
MGM Fire (November 21st 1980)
Favorite video grandfather rock beach in Myanmar
MGM Massacre (October 1st 2017)
The Universe is OURS !
This is the pretext page of how lynosophical works. It is MIND over MATTER and the effects of mind bending storms that can occur if you are insightful. The creativity of the powerful mind that can generate the power of unknown unseen elements of our Universe.
In the Beginning God created the HEAVEN (Universe) & EARTH (life). Why the Bible didn’t mention the Sun ?. Because the Sun is just a Star out of Trillions Of Stars in the Universe. Our Sun maybe the center of our Solar System but not much significant in the Universe. Life is SIGNIFICANT and rare. God created LIGHT thus many Stars are made in the Universe to SUPPORT life.
Ark of the Covenant
True Hebrews
The first picture is the Holy Bible THE BOOK of ALL TIMES
The second picture is the HEAD of Pyinsa Yupa mythical animal of Myanmar. The HEAD comprises of 3 animals namely LION head, DEER antler & ELEPHANT tusks & trunk.
The third picture is the Crisscross maze drawn by me.
Christianity is world's biggest with 2.4 Billion and counting followers.
USA has the largest gold reserves with 8,133 Tons of solid gold.
Mars, the Red Planet
Adoniram Judson [ Monument for A.J. in AVA City, Myanmar ]
My Eternal Anthem Amazing Grace by Harp Twins
Tabernacle Man
Ark of the Covenant
7 Churches in the Revelation
GP/BL police encounter
Police Chief LOA
US Dominance in Reality
Ukraine front
China invasion Burma
Since the creation of first human couple, God's law was broken by humans. Thus the wages of sin is death. All humans are DYING, inching each day to death since birth.
The Ark of the Covenant
Searching THE TRUTH
America is EMBEDDED with God's Law inside the "Ark of the Covenant" hidden. God will punished those who disrespect including Americans..
Some claim it is in Africa but I believe the Ark is in United States which and well known now as "Nation of Laws" descended by God's Law "Ten Commandments".
Originated in Israel to Ireland to Virginia (US) to Ohio ended in Arizona.
God's NOT dead movie
Birth Place
#1 Pahrump. #2 St. George
# Trust in Jesus Christ
# Contentment in Things
# Confident in Yourself
*Is True Happiness*
Searching for the TRUTH
For the love of God
American-Australian ICON
All American ICON
My top 6 pure & genuine Burmese Food. 1) Nga Boat Chauk 2) Sate Gway Si Kin 3) Noit Oang Thar Kin 4) Nga Yant Oo Hin 5) Sar Kalay Kyaw 6) Deep fried soft shell crab 🦀
Bayside Buffet, Mandalay Bay (where I work from Feb, 1999 to March, 2020)
Unique Rock Crawler
3 State Junction
Our hearts belong to each other forever.
Reverse Diabetes
Devout Muslim to Christian
President Truman
Sunni & Shia MUSLIMS
Evil Exist
Favorite Beach / Grandfather / Grandpa Beach
THEY want me to take the pain & suffering, shut my mouth, hide the truth, shove it under the rug and put them in the showcase for the public to see they are great!. THINK
Argentina Retiree Haven
Transgression >
Tribulation >
Transformation >
Then spoke Jesus again unto them, saying, “I am the Light of the world. He that followeth Me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.” John 8:12
PAINITE [rarest gem on earth]
Painite rank top 3rd position. MYANMAR, home of the RAREST gemstone on Earth, PAINITE. Rank # 3. Price tag USD $300,000 per gram. Before, this RAREST gemstone on Earth was mistaken as Ruby. # 1 is Antimatter ($60-100 Trillion per gram) & # 2 is Californium ($10-27 Million per gram). # 4 is Diamond ($65,000 per gram). # 5 Tritium ($30,000 per gram).
Social Security
Vegas lottery
Lottery in Vegas. Love it. Go for it. Living in Vegas for 4 decades and never Gamble, finally "normal" life aspects coming in. MTM guys said in 2026? Anyway normal life aspects I endorse and go for it.