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10052022 Jesus actual birthdate


when did Jesus die?


# Jesus live

# Jesus die

# By Crucifixion

# Ordered by Pontius Pilate


Mathew Mark Luke John




Nuclear subs






China Lockdown


Luxor Buffet


Sand Hollow State Park, Utah



Myanmar troops 






My Favorite US Military Division 82nd Airborne


yadayar - 1

Federal Army [Officially Legally Established 5 - 5 - 2021]







My ThayNinGa Byu-Har



Miss Myanmar Thuzar Wint Lwin



Miss Myanmar


This is the logo of "Current Strategic Studies" [ CSS ] It is the mixture/hybrid of Mythical Bird & Human known as GA-LON in Burmese. USA [ In God We Trust ] Christian Base Nation is STILL the Superpower Special Nation in this world DESPITE the drawback from Afghanistan Involvement. Yes, China is second but just that SECOND and lacks ingredients of necessities to become Superpower nation. Many VITAL characteristics China needs. My assessment/thesis on Current Situation in International Effects. The FALL of Afghanistan will effect the entire world. US decided to bugged OUT of Afghanistan where Afghan Government "surrender" despite US help of $2 Trillion in military hardware, troops and software with cold cash American dollars (Taxpayers' money) not to mention American trained 300,000 Afghan troops vs. much smaller 30,000? Taliban troops. The WILL & GUTS between these (Afghan vs Taliban) rivals are opposite. Taliban has the will and guts while Afghan troops has none and surrender EARLY. One lesson to learn is WILL & GUTS in conjunction with WISDOM matters and not the size of the military or technology edge. Another lesson is TIME is ALWAYS Changing and so does situations. The circumstances 2 decades ago is different now so base on 2 decades TIME can be obsolete and disastrous now. SOME countries with super large population claims to be the dominant factors in "World Warlogic". Wrong!. It is the WILL, GUTS & WISDOM that will win the future wars. Atheist CHINA & Orthodox Christian RUSSIA jumps in the NEW CHAPTER of Taliban Government in process. Negative CAN become Positive like for example, it can be a TRAP by letting Taliban move in. Possible? Anything can be possible in this world of lies, fakes, deception, treachery etc. US can regroup, rebuilt, recover, revival, redirect and reclaim one day in a different way. In strategic warfare in human history, GREAT armies always regroup, reverse and regain victory through many set backs. I had FULL confidence in US Military (not politics) to regain STRENGTH making US Military STRONGER, DEADLIER WISER WITTIER & DYNAMIC in the future WARS. As for the left behind weaponry US can easily make them dysfunctional and useless or by eliminating completely by destruction if US chooses to. This is minor problem. 




Pointing East is Australia

Pointing West is United Kingdom

Pointing North is United States

World Biggest Empires


Japan Prepares


US military bases



Extension of AUKUS to AUKUSQUAD representing Asia-Pacific-Indo Region. Previous leading 3 Nations Australia, U.K., U.S. PLUS Canada, New Zealand, Japan, India Combined as ONE Military Alliance. AUKUSQUAD or APIMA (I prefer APIMA) short for Asia - Pacific - Indo Military Alliance for ASIA PACIFIC just like NATO is for Europe.

A P I M A   Logo representing ASIA PACIFIC

APIMA or AUKUSQUAD Formidable Force for Asia - Pacific - Indo 7 (3/AUKUS + 4/QUAD) Nations (Australia, U.K. U.S. Canada, New Zealand, Japan, India) Military Alliance. The meaning of this Logo/Emblem. Triangle represents Australia, United Kingdom & United States. Background square represents Canada, New Zealand, Japan & India. Altogether 7 Nations together as 1.





3rd most important Church ( Jesus own writings )


Joyful Jesus Baby Birthday


Evangelical Metaphysics Manifest

Evangelical Metaphysics Manifest

Manifest = able to be seen clearly shown or visible 

Metaphysics =  abstract philosophical studies a study of what is outside objective experience 

Evangelical = 1: of, relating to, or being in agreement with the Christian gospel especially as it is presented in the four Gospels 2PROTESTANT 3emphasizing salvation by faith in the atoning death of Jesus Christ through personal conversion, the authority of Scripture, and the importance of preaching as contrasted with ritual 

02 / 02 / 2022



First Christians. From Jesus to Christ.



Jesus Actual Birthdate


Centurion Celebration of LIGHTS !!!ENJOY !!!I am the LIGHT of the world said our BIBLE. Amen. I had no problem whatsoever celebrating 2 months (November + December) nor the timing ( December 25th ) although I believe Jesus was born in last week (23rd) of September 7BC. Jesus ACTUAL birth date proven Astronomically, Scientifically, Logically, Mathematically, Super Nova, Comets, Triple Conjunction of Planetary, written artifacts etc. Will provide Compelling Proof scientifically in Astronomical Aspects [ in Video ]. Not like other religions where there is no scientific evidence nor proof showing in multiple ways. I welcome the "Celebration of Christmas" starting from November 4th to January 1st. Russia obsessed by Satan where some Russian Cities cancellation of celebrating Christmas to save money for "massacre war" in Ukraine will show "darkness of evil" in Satanized Russia [ goat with sheep skin ] this year [Invasion 2022]. By the way, I like Milk Chocolate. Don't you ?.Compelling Note :  'Lyn/Lin' means 'Light/Bright' in Myanmar/Burmese language.



Ask yourself. Are you a JINX ?.Ukraine is Ukraine. Russia is Russia. Just like water & oil. Don't mix & confused to become a Jinx.


Sloth Symbolizes Slytherin. I'm like a SLOTH ... Very Slow But Strategic....................................ACG/Rarer. 


Symbol of Unification


Truth never Lie :-: To the Best of my Recollection.
I'm NOT a Monk nor a Preacher or Teacher or Politician. 
I'm just plain & pure "Baptist Burmese Guy" [BBG] next door. During 1970s, a guy who attended RASUniversity from home with $0.0005 (Burmese Kyat 1/USD $1=Kyat 2,000 now) per day (includes bus fare & Canteen food) given by my single mother (My dad who was a Judge, pass away when I was 9 yrs young) with 4 kids in Yangon, Myanmar. My mom works 2 shifts morning & afternoon as Teacher at Methodist English High School known as M.E.H.S. in Rangoon now Yangon City. MYANMAR & also give Piano tuitions (she plays piano excellently) at weekend Saturdays.. School Principle was British Lady from UK who knows my mother's husband, my dad passed away left her with 4 kids PITY my mom and exempt me (youngest kid) for free tuition through out my high school years & also gives me this name T E R E N C E spell in British way with 'e' & one "r" while I'm at Kindergarten class at MEHS. Her given name stands to this day in USA. Amenn to Jesus. This is NOT a story but a REAL & TRUTHFUL event (Verifiable) that happens in REAL life. As we all know LIFE itself is not easy nor cushy all the time. It is rough tough and cruel many times. So help us God for WITHOUT God, we are NOTHING.
Redemption Resurrection & RISEN (Truth). Never Ever Fade Away. So is Easter (Traditional). So is Father God, Son Jesus & Word Spirit (Trinity). Eternal thing. Amenn.
Christianity. Judaism.  Muslim.  Buddhism.  Confucius, etc. ALL, Center on Jesus Christ.  Why? Because there is "Only ONE God who can do Miracles" and there is no other than Jesus for he performed Miracles. The ONLY reason he can go through this excruciating immense pain & tedious suffering, he is NOT fully a human "missing" his mother Mary's chromosome and only has God's DNA in him. Amenn. In other WORDS,  God's Chosen "Human Mother" Mary incubated God's created chromosomes (Spiritual Angels' advance notice to human Mary that she will incubate or conceive baby Jesus SEND from God). Remember when Jesus was alive on Earth he mentioned many times of HIS Father in Heaven. Why?. Because he KNOWS his true father is NOT human & he has no "human father" chromosome in him. Only God's created Chromosomes in Jesus for his true father IS GOD who created & send him to Earth. Jesus is different in MANY ways with humans like us. We Earthlings have human father & mother chromosomes [2]. Jesus only have God's created chromosomes [1]. This clearly indicates Jesus IS GOD.
Note. Google acknowledge 37 miracles but hey! How many years Google is around in our society?. 24 years. So do you think Google knows ALL Miracles done by Jesus Christ that lived many Centuries ago?. THINK !. God is God. Google is Google. Two different Entities. Don't be Confused. In other WORDS ... God knows EVERYTHING wherelse Google doesn't knows EVERYTHING. Truth is Truth & Truth never ever Lie. Amenn.



United States of Earth.... New Way, New World.
The World is Ours !!!. Like it or not. No Compromise. None. No limit Nation. Hyper Power......... Nothing can stop US. Not A Thing.
White Cross Platform......Founded 2023 A.D.


Anything is possible with United States [ U.S. ].
So what. Don't be jealous. Hawaii became 50th State. So will Philippines will be 51st State. The name says it all. United ... States. Every state has it's own governance separately but UNITED as One Nation, One citizens, under One True God. Name of citizen is US Citizen. Like me a Burmese as race from Burma but US Citizen, holding only ONE passport ... US Passport and nothing else.The world should understand the NAME itself has no limit "Ever Expanding Country". Like Mexico can be 52nd, Canada 53rd, Greenland 54th & Iceland 55th and so on. Ever Expanding Country United States not to mention US Territories that spreads throughout the world like Guam, Puerto Rico, islands in the Pacific Ocean, etc. Even took from Russia (Alaska 49th) Siberia will be next. Amenn.
Note: China can become 56th State. Nobody knows the Capability of *United States*. Not even Space is limited to U.S. for Mars will be US planet.
Did you know California State, One State alone ranked top in GDP out of 192 Countries of the world.




Germany & France have totally opposite policies toward China. # France use "appeasement" like in WW2 towards Hitler (Now Xi) as for # Germany use "confronting" approach towards Adversaries/China. I see Germany as the New "Rising Power" Economically, Technologically & Militarily in Western Europe and see France as "declining power" in Western Europe. If Germany proceed arming ...  Germany will become so powerful to take on and defeat Russia ALONE.
RESULT. China "softened" after debate with Germany. Europe has to deal with China sooner or later (no choice) for NATO founder & leader United States is in FOCUS to confront China once and for all. No Game but Yes Real. Amenn. The Contract in NATO says *one for all & all for one*. NATO countries [ 31 ] either "Honor & Adhere" their contract or "breached" their contract. Mandated Militarily.
Note. United States Military Bases from California have MOVED/MOVING to *Forward Frontline Bases* in Japan & Philippines to COMBAT China. This ACTION is dead serious. Amenn. United States President Joe Biden is in NO mood for "False Alarm". ACTIONS speak LOUDER than Statements not to mention the high COST of defending FREEDOM worldwide. China MUST pay/repay all the costs involved.


"U.S. Military Presence" is GOOD & GUARDIAN for Asia to maintain PERMANENT PEACE & PROSPERITY. AAO can be provided to defend Freedom Democracy & Security for ALL. Amenn. "ASEAN is in the War Zone" like it or not in countering China's Aggression in West Philippines Sea.
"Force will be met with Equal or Greater Force".


"Force will be met with Equal or Greater Force".
2023 A.D. / Asia Assault Operations [ AAO ].
U.S. Military Bases MOVED from U.S. West Coast to "Forward Bases" in Japan & Philippines to use FORCE if necessary. Amenn.



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