01 May

China owes America $1.7 Trillion Sovereign Debt.


Plus $22 Trillion for corvid 19 deaths initiated from China.

Symbol of Geniiusity

GOD grant me the SERENITY to accept the things I cannot change, COURAGE to change the things I can and WISDOM to know the difference.

Rev. Adoniram Judson Monument site, AVA City, Myanmar.


Myanmar Martyr Mya Thwet Thwet Khine [Spring Revolution 2021]. Future site of MONUMENT in Naypyitaw City, Myanmar.


Myanmar Martyr Angel [Spring Revolution 2021]. Future site of MONUMENT in Yangon City, Myanmar.


US making massive tools for war


My miniature model [ MAI Airline ]


US top ten Airports


Delta Airline Order Boeing 797 [ New Comer ]




Aircraft Carrier


Space Hypersonic Missile [ SHM ]


US facing China



Reel (Knock on Heaven's Door)



Mongols Flag


The Chief of the Mongols Genghis Khan believe & accept the EXISTENCE of True God.

Mongols were regarded as low down NOMADS of the steps of the wilderness by the so called "civilized" Chinese or the "wise guys" Muslims etc. Little did they know that these uncivilized nomads ruled the world with utmost advanced civilization that gives birth to todays world AND their Chief Leader GENGHIS KHAN who is a believer of true God. Amen.

Did you know Genghis Khan prefer ALONE in a secluded place quiet and calmness to pray to God to face the cruel world killings each other are the norms in his time and his past is not pleasant & volatile?. He UNITE the warring fractions/tribes into one formidable force and God listens to his prayers fulfilling his wish and let him conquer the world mankind has ever seen. Today's world that we lived in is the product of his changing the world by the help of God Almighty.

Mongols, hordes from the East. Did you know WHY Ukrainians are fierce fighters against Russians?. They have the strong bloodline (DNA) of the Mongols Warriors handed down from Generation after Generation to this day. 


GENGHIS Khan, the Ultimate Leader of Mongols Warriors himself BELIEVED the EXISTENCE of God. Did you know when Genghis was ALONE secluded & solitary he pray to God (did you seriously with right thinking he pray to "Muslim God" to kill Muslims? Ofcourse Not) PRIVATELY at the remote place calmness and quiet for his past was not so pleasant & very volatile. To face the cruel world and rule defeating ALL enemies Chinese, Muslims etc. His prayers were fulfilled by God for he becomes the Ultimate Ruler of the World. After he died his descendants CARRY on the reign where no Mankind in History can match. Not even the rival POWERFUL & Civilized ( like the Civilized Chinese Dynasties) Muslim Islamic Empire/Caliphate that was CRUSHED to ashes by the Mongols. A lesson Muslims will never, ever forget for Challenging the Mongols. Forever. 


CHRISTIAN Mongol General KITBUQA led the Mongols Army into Baghdad. True Warriors. My Kind of Warriors. Combination of Wisdom, Tactics & Strength Accomplished the Mongols Goals. Amen. Despite the Great Wall of China, to keep out the Mongols, it failed. Wall still standing today. From East to West Mongols Empire is the biggest land stretch in Human History. Mongols conquered China too and ruled for many years not to mention destroy the Muslim Empire too. During the siege on Muslims, the Mongols told the Christians to stay inside Churches and spare them while ransack n destroying the Muslims. Everyone of them. Why did the Mongols spare the Christians inside Muslim City?. Because they believe in True God. Muslim Empire Capital and EVERYTHING in it was totally & completely destroyed except Christians which the Christian Mongol General KITBUQA warn them to stay inside CHURCHES and SAVED. Amen. 



HAPPY BIRTHDAY Baby Doll Darling, no make up, lip stick, fake eye lashes, eye shadows, nothing but natural beauty....Beautiful Wonderful Whyne! ... In LOVE we're bonded. February 20th, 2023. Coincidence with the Audacious Presidents' Day. Amen. 



Be "Honest & Truthful" with us with your Convenient Crap. Foolish Fanaticism. Be realistically Real. Roman Empire is Real. Jesus Existence is Real. Don't talk Rubbish about Medical Records in the 1st Century. Cross IS Real too. WE are talking about Existence, Reality. Not fertile convenience. Just because you didn't see nor touch TANGIBLY, it doesn't mean it is not there, like the Air. Air Exist and THAT is why we are Alive. Amen. 



Lack of happiness & meaningful life makes this era full of hatred, killing, murdering, lives exchange for land, money, robberies, suicide, everywhere everyday. 

Dated February 22nd, 2023. I had MULTIPLE relationships now. I love them all. I'm not sure they do the same for I know my heart from my side. 


In Pursuit of Happiness Body & Soul. Who or Which is MORE powerful? Supernatural/God or Human Judge/Church ?.Holy BIBLE/Scripture [Christian Bible] didn't mention marry only 1 wife or 1 at a time. Never. Not even once. (watch the video to the end). Man has multiple wives. Even in the beginning Adam has Eve & Lilith. In MYANMAR ... MAN can legally marry multiple wives [In Burmese we say/called it ... Ma Ya Gyi/1st wife, Ma Ya Latt/2nd wife & Ma Ya Nge/3rd wife] ALLOW. Some "Outdated Obsolete laws" need to be abolish to promote/guarantee humankind continuation. Amen. In Muslim/Islam they "allow" 4 wives legally although their Quran/Scripture [their bible] mention marry Only One wife. Me I'm satisfied with 3 wives. Not 4. I remember the British Band "Rolling Stones" song..... SATISFACTION [ I can get no Satisfaction ]. It is not fair or good enough for a Man to be "Limited Life" to 1 wife ONLY. WE as Earthlings are advancing both in time, wisdom, understanding and knowledge. NOT limited. It is HEALTHY to have satisfaction in Mind & Body. Amen After Amen. God Bless Our Bible. Does God's word or the Judge's (human) word has the FINAL SAY. THINK people. *** I had NOTHING against Muslims or ANY other Religion. It's just they/Muslims are cutting off Christians' heads just because they are Christians THAT makes me Angry ***.NOTE. I had 3 Relationship right now and I LOVE them ALL. So help me True God. The World needs to be changed/improve for happy lives that makes "Living/Alive Worthy" for Body & Soul....... Dated February 22nd, 2023.





YOU reject Jesus Christ
YOU face the consequence
YOUR CHOICE Simple & Straightforward 


Turbulent Trajectory 


On top of the earthquake it happens at night when people are sleeping





USATT. Notice to Autocrats. Only U.S. has this Advantage. TRULY U.S. is way ahead of it's time. Using 23rd Century Technology in 21st Century. WOW !!!. 2 Century Ahead.


U.S. Advanced Trajectory Technology [ USATT ] that will obsolete Nuclear Weapons. You had Nuclear? WE have Usatt.




L. I. N.
Lottery In Nevada   HonestHermit 02232023

Kublai Khan [ MONGOLS ]




There never ever 1 day I miss praying to Jesus Christ. Not 1 day. No matter what.I pray ... 1st, get up from bed in the morning. Everytime BEFORE eating ... breakfast, lunch & dinner PLUS some special events. That's My "daily" lifestyle. So better figure it out how many times. I lost count. I thank (not pray) God few times ( even while driving ) everyday too remembering what he had done & protect me to this day, all my long life. GOD Bless thank you Supernatural Lord. Amen. Humans? Non Reliable. 0%. 

Thank You. FINALLY Lottery in Vegas. Love it. Go for it. Living in Vegas for 4 decades and never Gamble, finally "normal" life aspects coming in. MTM guys said in 2026? Anyway normal life aspects I endorse and go for it. Time to get rid of "old n obsolete laws" and Proceed into the future with "new laws" that benefit the State, NOT a handful of Cronies.





HonestHermit Home

Inyar Lake


Kandawgyi Lake






Mesmerizing Myanmar 2023. Sights & Sounds where I used to live and grew up in Yangon City, Myanmar. Actually nothing much change after 4 decades or so. Even the International Airport is not much change. I miss Yangon Foods & Myanmar Jewelry. 



Caucasians speaking Burmese


I want to ask NLD National League for Democracy Party that wins landslide in 2020 election, Leader Daw Aung San Suu Kyi 1 question. Just 1. What's wrong with 25% stake Military holds in the Congress?. 

US steps in.



5 Top Beautiful Myanmar Actresses





Our Lord Jesus said, it is easier for an Elephant to go through the needle hole than worldly wealth & powerful to enter Heaven. Amen. 

Blessed are the poor in spirit,
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Matthew 5:3 



I want to ask NLD National League for Democracy Leader Daw Aung San Suu Kyi 1 question. Just 1. What's wrong with 25% stake Military holds in the Congress?. 


Russia already lost the war. AFTER 1 YEAR of Russian Invasion, 1) Ukraine is STILL free. 2) HALF of the territory Russia occupied has been taken back 3) Counter Attacks INSIDE Russia 4) Crimea is isolated 5) Ukraine military is modern and stronger. JUST a few out of others achieved by Ukraine. The other HALF will be retaken by August 2023. 







Who'll be the 1st and how much will he/she takes when final day comes?. Be truthful with us. 

First Trillionaire ???



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