Scientific Proof. Star of Bethlehem. Did you know the REAL date of Jesus birth is NOT December 25th which the world 99.99% people accept and acknowledge it including myself. Remember the 3 Magi (Astrologers or simply wise men from the EAST) did forecast that the precise exact date of Jesus actual birth is the 2 Planets, Saturn & Jupiter double up in conjunction in the night sky widely known as the Star of Bethlehem is on TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 23rd (coincidence with my birthday) and NOT December 25th. Start watching from 15:35 in the video and Professor David reveal at 17:35 the exact date of Jesus Birth "Tuesday September 23rd". The Triple Conjunction (which is so rare) appeared on that time.

Yeshua / Jesus

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Jesus Birthday

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Myanmar Foods

Myanmar Christian Lady

US 25 Cent all you can eat food stall in Myanmar

MYANMAR: ALL you can eat ... US 25 cent. Dated December 4th, 2021. This video is good, she reveal the LOCATION of the food stall so people like me can find & eat. Will they donate to Christians too?

[ PEOPLE ] MEEK MINDS of MYANMAR(US 2.5 dollar value give away or fee if can pay US 25 Cent).MYANMAR: Here's another "ALL you can eat" US 25 Cent food stall. People (poor) helping people (poor) in MYANMAR. The momentum is developing in MYANMAR. Food stalls like this is popping up like mushrooms everywhere in MYANMAR. Wonderful Beauty of MEEK MINDS. Amen to that. Dated December 4th, 2021. This video also reveals the LOCATION so people like me can find the food stall and EAT. By the way Burma/Myanmar's rice quality is the BEST in the World. The only question from me is ...  will they donate to Christians? Donate only to Buddhists?

HmawBe town near Yangon

Hmaw-Be town is very interesting. Location is near Yangon. She bought a house and prepare for Restaurant to be open soon. I like or interested in Htauk Kyant Town MORE (Junction of Bago & Yangon Cities) which is next to HmawBe Town.

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Ram Testicles



Star of Bethlehem (Super Nova)

Min Aung Hlaing Christmas Attendance

Holy Land of Jerusalem (Temple Mount)

Bethlehem Church of Nativity

3rd most important Church

Pater Noster Church [ # 3 ] Here, the Lord's Prayer was written by Jesus himself. This 3rd most important CHURCH is my favorite too. This CHURCH is so Gorgeous & Beautifully designed & built not to mention Jesus hand written holy place. This CHURCH is on Mount Olives in Jerusalem.

Jesus real Birthday September 23rd.




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