Naypyitaw will be the Defense (Military) Headquarter of United Myanmar

Maharmeik City will be the Capital City of United Myanmar ( UM ).

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Pink Floyd / Brick in the wall

Maharmeik Project


Quick Pick:-: Joyful Blessed Trip. On Veterans Day 11/11/2021 I went and eat LUNCH in Los Angeles, California @ Burmese Restaurant. Spend/Bought $400 worth of Burmese Dried Foods for future use @ Rio Reserve, Las Vegas. Enjoy Life so much of the same day swift trip with my BLACK Cadillac Luxury XTS. Pics are my Burmese food dishes on my table. Spicy Yummy & Tasty !!!. Thanks VETS for Freedom. God Bless to ALL Vets who made the ultimate Sacrifice for America Americans & beyond. Amen. On the way to L.A. saw Veterans waving huge American Flags, 2 of them on a bridge for cars coming south bound Interstate 15. Such a beautiful sight indeed. I know for sure WE are blessed by True God. Amen After Amen.

Burma China and Shan clashes

Complicated Myanmar China Russia relationship

Burmese Foods

Burmese young entrepreneurs set up street foods stalls because they can’t afford to rent rooms or set up shops so they do what they know best ........Burmese food cooking and it’s delicious & cheap she/guide said. I want to rent a room in downtown Yangon. No need cooking buying groceries cleaning pots etc. just go down streets n eat fresh hot & spicy foods. Yummy. Video dated November 24th, 2021. It’s currently.


Building New Maharmeik International Airport Site @ close to New Maharmeik Modern City

Capital of Hantharwaddy Region, United Myanmar.

The New Maharmeik International Airport MIA for New Myanmar [ United Myanmar ] is located at Yae Kyaw to the West, Khayan to the South, Aukkyin to the East and Aton to the North over the Yangon/Bago border line inside Bago.

Emblem of Maharmeik City, Capital of Hantharwaddy Region, United Myanmar.

Khayan is close to New Maharmeik City Capital of Hantharwaddy Region United Myanmar on the following map

This New Capital is facing Gulf of Martaban [ United Myanmar Private Gulf ] and Andaman Sea and close to NEW Deep Sea Port & New Maharmeik International Airport fit for Boeing 747s or A 380s to land and take off.

Here is another WIDER map Areas/Divisions close to MAHARMEIK, Khayan, Thon Gwa, Central Yangon etc. & Andaman Sea, Yangon River and so on.

FULL view of United Myanmar PRIVATE SECLUDED Gulf of Martaban all for Myanmar herself.

NOTE: Maharmeik will supersede Yangon and will be the NEW HUB of International Business and Norms Center for entire Asia & Pacific/Indian Oceans Region.

United Myanmar Rivers. 7 Major Rivers

1] Salween / Thanlyin

2] Irrawaddy River

3] Sittaung River

4] Bago River

5] Chindwin River

6] Maykha River

7] Malikha River

Phu Pwint Thakin

Picture of Myanmar Musical Instrument Culture & Traditional Native Flowers. On the left is Thit Kwa and on the right is Pa Dauk. At the center is Pyinsa Yupa.

Min Aung Hlaing Christmas attendance


Myanmar countryside

Myanmar is Agriculture base country with only 3 Seasons. Summer (March - June)  Rainy/Monsoon (July - October) & Fall (November  - February). Fertile land. Monsoon Season sometimes weeks of non stop rain but no floods because from North (Himalayan Range, where Mt. Everest is the roof of the world) to South the entire country is sliding position thus the rain water rush into the Indian Ocean. Here in Las Vegas 2 days of non stop rain there are floods already.

3 biggest countries


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La La Land. 




Be careful of Wookism Woolibees & Woolibuns.
They are everywhere.

Releasing My Wisdom [ from God ] :-:Dated OctoberFest 19th, 21st Century. Possible 2 Platforms Adjoining. I 'encourages' DIVERSITY of emerging platforms as many as possible. Truth Social + Parler. Mine is *Lynpray Insight* with NO political agenda or financial GREED. There's a BIG difference between Insight & Platform. I don't know what the current 'Platforms' theme or motto are BUT Lynpray "Insight" theme is ... * Liberty of Expression * IDEAS & INSIGHTS, Non/Neutral Politics. In other words Political Propaganda Authoritative Manipulation FREE. The BEST or NOTHING policy. NO ELEMENTED/ELEVATED evil & wicked infestation ALLOWED. Pure Innocent INTENT only. Note. My Insights are extremely SLOW in development like a SLOTH (pace) unprofessional (doing learning developing by myself single handedly not to mention little or not much money) so kindly be patient for Perseverance will Prevail in the END. It's just a matter of Precise TIMING. Amen. Wise Men STILL Seek Him [JesusChrist]. Amen After Amen.