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Mr. Natural Sleeping with SweatShirt.Mr. Natural in My Bedroom. No make up No photo shop Not even face wash YET. Just get up early from bed with bed clothes showing gray hair (natural aging). Photo taken Dated 11/29/2022 4:15am. Honesty (Truthfulness) Transparency & Faithfulness to JESUS CHRIST is my theme & principle. Rarest of the Rare 00.01% category earthling. 

Mr. Natural.


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Wisdomize JESUS is ... True Exists Real Excellent Neverending Characteristic Eternal [ TERENCE ]. 12012022. 


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The CRUX is the Earthlings "who lead & runs" the Business that really matters. The Intelligent Ones. Not Idiots. Persons who make $10 to $Million NOT the other way around.THE EXPERIENCE. My Kind ( Kingdom ) of Real Estate Investment. Welcome VICI PROPERTIES. Rejoice! Hallelujah Christmas Season for this IS the season to be Jolly. *My Personal Own* [ MPO ] Real Estate Investment is still on board sketched YET to be NAMED LOGO/BRAND trademarked officially & legally with theme/motto...........Slow Truth [ Sloth ].

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Thx Eternal Entity. 

Time for the old worn out Lame Lion (& ?) move over. NEW BOSS in town/city. I welcome VICI PROPERTIES. New Year 2023 IS approaching.  Goodwill Good Omen Good Sign. Amen. 

Christdom Come. Ghost or Government? OR Garbage to Greatness!. This NEW Capital is located near Pyinmana rural town in the middle of Mandalay & Yangon 2 biggest Cities of Myanmar. Strategically located in Geologically Real Estate Terms. Life Experiences tell me Location is important in Real Estate.This IS the Parliamentary Buildings now defunct by Military Coup on February 1st, 2021 to date. What a tragedy for Myanmar. Military said 2023 will be changed. HOPEFULLY Myanmar change to wiser smarter and farsightedness in 2023. HOPEFULLY. Amen.Myanmar situation is STILL fluid where anything can happen. Time for Christianity to flourish. Never Ever Give Up. Keep Hope, Love & FairFaith ALIVE & WELL. Amen After Amen.

Nay Pyi Taw City. The New Capital of Myanmar moved by Burmese Buddhist Military Government from previous Capital [British Burma] Rangoon renamed Yangon (Burmese name) City.

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In this video I found shots of the University where I graduated. Rangoon Arts & Science University now known as Yangon University. I don't understand Thai language but I think Thais visiting Burma with Burmese guides. Thai & Burmese are totally different language. Burmese language is 1 of a kind language in the entire world. No other language of the world same with Burmese. Overwhelmingly Buddhism religion is NOT native nor originated in Burma/Myanmar. In ancient Myanmar there are many warlords & kingdoms where they fought wars for territorial gains. The most powerful & prominent Kingdoms are Mon, Bamar (Burmese) & Shan Kingdoms. Buddhist monks from India first landed in Mon Kingdom at Tanintharyi Coastline (Andaman Sea) in Southern Myanmar and covert Mon Kings into Buddhists. When Regional War broke out between Burmese & Mon Kingdom, the Burmese won the battle and took everything including the Mon Culture with them. There Buddhism spread to Burmese Kingdom at Hanthawaddy now known as Bago. Hanthawaddy & Mon Kingdoms are neighbors thus it is easy to invade into each other. In those days the Kings ruling is final & like Dictatorship making all Mon & Bamar people worship what the King worship so as Shans. That's why to this day these 3 major races, Mon, Bamar/Burmese and Shans are mostly Buddhists a religion IMPORTED from Foreign land & Culture.Burmese Kings even invade into Thailand and RANSACKED Thai Kingdom & then Capital Ayutthaya City (now Bangkok City is Capital) which is still preserve today by Thais as a reminder of foreign invasion by Burmese Kings.

Mouth watering traditional Myanmar Food. Myanmar was once the Rice Bowl [ Food Capital ] of the ENTIRE ASIA continent exporting Rice to all Asian Countries.

Bought Out SAGA.FULL OWNERSHIP/ VIM-2 [$1.3BILLION] [ VIM-1 $44 BILLION ]. Told you. In God I Trust. Amen. Wonderful Slow Truth. Amen After Amen. Thank you VICI.