Articulated Awe

Flag of Trajectory (Symbol of Splendor & Significance)

Putao, Kachin State Myanmar

Highest Peak in South East Asia in Myanmar

Myanmar Islands

Andaman Sea, Myanmar Private Sea

Mrauk U

Day 3

Initials T.L. is invisible with white color on this flag.

Elusive Encoding EnclaveElusive Encoded Enclave

3 Manifest [ Money Myeik Mongols ]

Money [ US $ ],  Myeik [ Mergui ], Mongols [ NOT Chinese ] ....... 3 Prong Synchronize Strategies. 3 STEPS Ahead ... Always !!!

Yangon Port City, Myanmar

Pathein Bridge 2

Thanlyin Bridge

Pathein Bridge 2

Myanmar food

Myanmar Rural

Mrauk U

Myanmar Best

Money stands for Strength, Stamina/Stability and Significance.

Myeik (Archipelago) stands for Seclusion, Serenity and Tranquility/Maturity

Mongols (Not Chinese) stand for Magnificent, Intelligence and Mighty


55 States of United States

Preparis Islands

Coco Islands ( Big & Little)

Prep to Coco

Myeik/Mergui Soft Shell Crab

My Eternal Hero,fact%20that%20he%20spoke%20English.


Judson First Baptist

Washington State