Sea Gypsies / Salon

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Sea Gypsies

Centuries they live their own way of life and culture. Living off the Sea and spend their entire life on a small boat. They hop from island to island where there are 800 natural islands inside Myanmar territory alone not to mention there are more islands inside Thailand territory for they share and called home the ANDAMAN SEA that stretches along side Myanmar & Thailand. Myanmar host the major portion of islands counted 800 cluster of virgin islands.

The Burmese called them SALON and the Thais called them MOKEN. Thailand development cost them an almost extinction but Myanmar still have potential significant numbers of “Salons” although the majority race Burmese did have impact on the “Salon” nomads. If not program and plan, the so called “civilization” and “development” can wipe out the entire people of MOKEN / SALON.


United Myanmar Southern most/last Island >>> Christie Island & cluster of islands. Borderline with Thailand

Names of Christie Cluster of Islands in United Myanmar side are ...

1] Christie, 2] Tabin Taing, 3] Thair Pwint, 4] Taung Soon, 5] Hnget Khar,  6] Moe Thauk, 7] Byan Hlwar, 8] Saung Gauk, 9] Thway Mauk & 10] Lamp Islands.

Map of Hantharwaddy Region, MAHARMEIK City Capital of United Myanmar.

United Myanmar Private Gulf >>> Gulf of Martaban. Maharmeik is facing the Gulf on the West Bank of the Gulf.



Exo Planets


Humongous Difference. American Football should be renamed to HANDBALL using commonsense for World Cup is played mostly by FOOT and American game is played mostly by HAND. This will solve the confusion with FIFA and US name game. 

Famous Myanmar Pigeon Blood Ruby. Finest quality in the world. Only in MOGOK.

New proposal National Flag [ 2023 ] ... Federal Union of Myanmar [ FUM ].

Grandfather Rock Beach in Dawei Peninsular Myanmar.

Myanmar Evangelical Christian (Baptist) Church in Kyaukkone, Yankin Township, Yangon City, Myanmar. This Baptist Church was FOUNDED (from scratch) by my mother during our "life in Burma/Myanmar".

Myanmar Airways International MAI (model)

Yes, Myanmar needs to promote Christianity for Moral issues badly ridden in the Buddhists dominated country. The lady is wearing a CHIN (ethnic race) cultural costume in the beauty competition and she won 1st in the costume contest.

Confluence of MayKha & Maylika Rivers in KACHIN State, Myanmar. KACHIN State is HOME of the Best Jadeite Imperial Jade, the best quality of jade in the world.

Map of Myeik Archipelago (800 virgin islands) where SALON (Sea Gypsies) dwell for Centuries.

My Mom & Dad during British Burma ERA. My Dad has Portuguese ancestry bloodline and his side relatives are in Tenasserim Region of Burma. He was a Judge in British Burma Era. My Mom (Burmese Christian) was a Teacher at Methodist English High School, Rangoon (Yangon), Burma (Myanmar).  My Dad converted into Christian from Buddhist thus all of our family are Christians (forever).


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In the Beginning God created the perfect humans AND the perfect World. It IS the created humans that gone corrupt & cruel that makes God Angry. God openly declared "Vengeance IS Mine". Now humans are imperfect AND this unique beautiful Earth in the Vast Void of the Universe, teeming with ABUNDANCE of food & life IS deteriorating, depleting everywhere.............Slow Truth. Amen

N O A H A R K !!!
I told & warn the people. They ignores. Well there IS consequences. Make no fatal mistake about it. At least they acknowledge as "Climate Change".

Buddhism is NOT, I repeat NOT originated in Burma/Myanmar. It IS imported from Foreign Land/Country.

Slow Truth [<I>] 11272022

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