Lynpray :-:


I’m fascinated with the Universe. It is way overdue to study the Cosmos of our dwelling. Solar System along with the planets and moons, asteroids are just a speck in the Universe. Only now with the Trump Administration NASA has turn to and focus on studying deep space. I’m so bored with the International Space Station and many nations sending satellites orbiting the earth for worldly benefits sometimes hostile and damaging to Earth’s atmosphere. Many decades were lost to this near sighted study and research close to Earth and to worldly incentives, some exploited by some countries, companies and entities. These overcrowded satellites are space JUNKS damaging Earth's environments and should be clean out entirely.

Humankind needs to expand their knowledge and understanding way beyond our Solar System. Decades of shallow insights have brought the Earthlings to a halt and restricted understanding of our Universe. Yes there are “other” beings that have far more intelligence and high knowledgeable technology than our fellow Earthlings.

GREENLAND "Art of the Deal" :-:

GREENLAND  must not be off the table. Why?. Because it  is beneficial for both United States & Denmark and beyond. It is a fact United States interest goes way back to 1867. Ancient American Congress made a terrible mistake of NOT adding GREENLAND to United States that starts with 13 States/Colonies at THAT time for lack of futuristic insight & understanding for the nation.

Wisdom is the Key. Experience is the Door. Knowledge is Power/Understanding. (WEK).

Wuhan World War 3 [WWW3]:

As told in the Holy Bible the signs of Jesus Christ second coming is near. In fact & in reality the world is entering into a NEW world order which is the WAR between Good & Evil is in progress. Many people are dead and dying on account of an Evil intent handful of Evil Doers. The threshold of struggle between Good & Evil is at stake. THIS time the Devil & Satan have NO WAY OUT for they both are checked mate and bound for destruction themselves.

Trajectory Epic Event.

On April 15th 2020 early morning around 5am 3 Planets namely Mars, Saturn & Jupiter line up as a CURVE above the half Moon in the night sky. A Good Omen of the changing status of Good over Evil beginning. Below is the picture taken on that morning with just plain cellphone.

If one carefully look, one will see 3 small white dots (planets) above the bright half moon. This RARE event is NOT ordinary formation but signs of the heaven revealing something Good is coming to save us all. The rule of Devil & Satan is showing all over the world but the Righteous will prevail in the END. 


Mustard seeds seeded. Kick back Relax & Observe.

US is free to retaliate on her own choosing of time and manner for DEVIL did the 1st strike already.

2020 Election

My # 1 Favorite American Logo Airline is ... American Airlines. Love it, Cherish it and Admire it on the DESIGN & Art.

New & Old design American Airlines


After 20 months the come back of Boeing 737 Max


Pheasant Project

Seniors Living in USA

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