Maharmeik Capital City of United Myanmar [ UM ] :-:

City motto ... "Knowledge through Experiences" .

The King BOEING 777X

Boeing 777X vs. A350-1000

Boeing 777-10X vs Airbus A380

Redemption & Resurrection

Governmental Planes

Top Ten Airlines


The future plane Boeing 777-9

Over Greenland

Sydney Airport


Hanthawaddy International Airport

Study Hanthawaddy Environs 1:24:33 documentary video

Grand Yangon

No large dams in Burma rivers


3D maps



Myitkyina Myitsone

Yangon Pathein

Myitkyina Putao

Tahaungdam Khakabo Razi

Myingyan Confluence

Naypyitaw Mandalay Myingyan Mogok



Naypyitaw Mandalay Monywa Myingyan Bagan

British Burma

Lashio to Muse



Mawtin Zun

Gaw Yan Gyi Beach

MNA plane emergency landing.

Pathein to MawtinZun

Myeik Archipelago village Island

Myanmar sea bay natural village lifestyle

Virgin areas in Myanmar.


China stealing land

Ayeyarwady Delta Beauty Woman Island




Shan State

Green Card in Myanmar



Beautiful Babes of OUR world/planet Earth.
Their Beauties/Attraction are Good for Man. That's what God intended for Man. Psychologically, Physically, Perceptionally. Both for Body & Soul. Thank you Lord Jesus, the Ultimate Creator of Adam & Eve. Amen.
Dear Suu Suu [ Ei Chaw Po ]. Why are you so Beautiful?. I thank my God for creating females [Eve] like you for males [Adam]. Amen. Thank you Ta-Wa-Ra   Payar Thakin Yeshua [ Eternal God Lord Jesus). You are truly *Born to be Beautiful*....... Thane Toe Lyn born in MyanMar.

Born to be Beautiful.
Beautiful with natural tree bark cream on pretty face. Simple but Stunning. Natural None Chemicals. ONLY in MyanMar called Ta Na Ka.

I Need, Believe & Trust Jesus Christ and ONLY Jesus Christ. Amen. Hallelujah Hippie Me. The Hermit. Jesus didn't create/design Earthlings for Mars or any other place. He created/design/intended Earthlings for Earth. Makesense?. So don't be foolish wasting money, time & energy trying to live/put Earthlings on other places besides Earth. Research for knowledge is ok. But for longterm living is not. Be wise. Some Billionaires lost $Billions on unintelligent moves. Wouldn't it be useful spending those lost money on people's poverty?. What a Waste.

Only Truth ... Nothing else !!!
I DON'T need ABC or MGM or LBGTQSZ or KGB or CCP. You need CCP?. Go to Beijing-a-ling or Wuhan. Make Diplomatic ties with Chinks. Exchange vows of viruses or hitch hike balloons to China.
I closed ATT/DirecTV accounts too. PERMANENTLY 6 months ago. I shut off my employer too 3 yrs ago (2020) PERMANENTLY so as to Twitter too PERMANENTLY on Valentine's Day (2023) with love. These are all lifetime shut offs. I don't NEED them. Those who need them "Go for It". Do you need Buddha too?. Go for it and raise your behind high up. I DON'T need Buddha or Allah. I'm different. Amen. Thank you Jesus Christ. I NEED Jesus Christ for My LORD makes me STRONG. Amen After Amen.
Saving Innocent Poor HUMAN Lives the Smart & Intelligent WAY.
11th day 11th month 1,100 Battalion (Troops), The Capital was Moved from YANGON to Brand New Capital NAY PYI TAW a barren rural land further North, built from scratch. US 44th President Obama did the "right move" by visiting Myanmar TWICE Resulting in 2011yr Myanmar Military INSTALLED a Civilian Government base on the Constitution drawn by the Military (Thaw of ICE/IRON GRIP by 44th visit). Don't compare Myanmar to other countries for THIS country is UNLIKE any country of the world. Just like the famous western writer/author Roger Kipling Book "This is BURMA, it is unlike any place in the world" said in THE ROAD TO MANDALAY,  the last Burmese Kingdom Capital.
I like this video. It shows the current World Organization and Nations are full of talks & paper work/documents and "paper tiger" effective none while tens of thousands of innocent civilians are killed & murdered both in Myanmar & Ukraine. This is NOT the way to tackle Myanmar. 
My Take. TATMADAW (Military). Cannot be ommitted completely from country's political affairs and impose a genuine DEMOCRATIC rule. Think!. A nation that has gain Independence from the Brits by Military AND rule with IRON fist for 60 yrs (1962 - 2022) by Military cannot be overlooked and OVERRULED the Military within few years by Democratic system or not. Cannot ... not in Myanmar at least. In the meantime it is the poor people that suffer most. Top Military Brass families n relatives will have no effects whatsoever. THEY have their own way of finding wealth one way or the other. In my perspective Military Representatives must be included together WITH civilian Representatives in new Governance. Will stop for now............ MyanMarSpecialist   [ MMS ].
P.S. Well Educated Icon Buddhist Aung San Suu Kyi vital or crucial mistake is implementing carbon copy of Democratic values rules & systems on the Military in a short period of time (Timing & Tactic is very important in dealing with delicate situation of Myanmar) backfire big time resulting the breakdown in the country and herself in Jail for 33 yrs. This is NOT the way to built "trust & confidence" with TATMADAW. ICON fatal mistake. Who in the right mind can claim the Military, a hardcore institution since Independence had ruled for 60 years CANNOT have its voice in the Governance?. THINK. Western Democracy is true, Military is off limit to Civilian Governance BUT Myanmar is NOT in the West. In the East, ASIA not to mention located between India & China 2 Asian Tigers. Cohesively co-operation "smooth transition" is needed to save innocent lives. I like Thant Myint-U more than Aung San Suu Kyi.


Truth never Lie :-: To the Best of my Recollection.
I'm NOT a Monk nor a Preacher or Teacher or Politician. 
I'm just plain & pure "Baptist Burmese Guy" [BBG] next door. During 1970s, a guy who attended RASUniversity from home with $0.0005 (Burmese Kyat 1/USD $1=Kyat 2,000 now) per day (includes bus fare & Canteen food) given by my single mother (My dad who was a Judge, pass away when I was 9 yrs young) with 4 kids in Yangon, Myanmar. My mom works 2 shifts morning & afternoon as Teacher at Methodist English High School known as M.E.H.S. in Rangoon now Yangon City. MYANMAR & also give Piano tuitions (she plays piano excellently) at weekend Saturdays.. School Principle was British Lady from UK who knows my mother's husband, my dad passed away left her with 4 kids PITY my mom and exempt me (youngest kid) for free tuition through out my high school years & also gives me this name T E R E N C E spell in British way with 'e' & one "r" while I'm at Kindergarten class at MEHS. Her given name stands to this day in USA. Amenn to Jesus. This is NOT a story but a REAL & TRUTHFUL event (Verifiable) that happens in REAL life. As we all know LIFE itself is not easy nor cushy all the time. It is rough tough and cruel many times. So help us God for WITHOUT God, we are NOTHING.
Redemption Resurrection & RISEN (Truth). Never Ever Fade Away. So is Easter (Traditional). So is Father God, Son Jesus & Word Spirit (Trinity). Eternal thing. Amenn.
Christianity. Judaism.  Muslim.  Buddhism.  Confucius, etc. ALL, Center on Jesus Christ.  Why? Because there is "Only ONE God who can do Miracles" and there is no other than Jesus for he performed Miracles. The ONLY reason he can go through this excruciating immense pain & tedious suffering, he is NOT fully a human "missing" his mother Mary's chromosome and only has God's DNA in him. Amenn. In other WORDS,  God's Chosen "Human Mother" Mary incubated God's created chromosomes (Spiritual Angels' advance notice to human Mary that she will incubate or conceive baby Jesus SEND from God). Remember when Jesus was alive on Earth he mentioned many times of HIS Father in Heaven. Why?. Because he KNOWS his true father is NOT human & he has no "human father" chromosome in him. Only God's created Chromosomes in Jesus for his true father IS GOD who created & send him to Earth. Jesus is different in MANY ways with humans like us. We Earthlings have human father & mother chromosomes [2]. Jesus only have God's created chromosomes [1]. This clearly indicates Jesus IS GOD.
Note. Google acknowledge 37 miracles but hey! How many years Google is around in our society?. 24 years. So do you think Google knows ALL Miracles done by Jesus Christ that lived many Centuries ago?. THINK !. God is God. Google is Google. Two different Entities. Don't be Confused. In other WORDS ... God knows EVERYTHING wherelse Google doesn't knows EVERYTHING. Truth is Truth & Truth never ever Lie. Amenn.

United States of Earth.... New Way, New World.
The World is Ours !!!. Like it or not. No Compromise. None. No limit Nation. Hyper Power......... Nothing can stop US. Not A Thing.
White Cross Platform......Founded 2023 A.D.

Anything is possible with United States [ U.S. ].
So what. Don't be jealous. Hawaii became 50th State. So will Philippines will be 51st State. The name says it all. United ... States. Every state has it's own governance separately but UNITED as One Nation, One citizens, under One True God. Name of citizen is US Citizen. Like me a Burmese as race from Burma but US Citizen, holding only ONE passport ... US Passport and nothing else.The world should understand the NAME itself has no limit "Ever Expanding Country". Like Mexico can be 52nd, Canada 53rd, Greenland 54th & Iceland 55th and so on. Ever Expanding Country United States not to mention US Territories that spreads throughout the world like Guam, Puerto Rico, islands in the Pacific Ocean, etc. Even took from Russia (Alaska 49th) Siberia will be next. Amenn.
Note: China can become 56th State. Nobody knows the Capability of *United States*. Not even Space is limited to U.S. for Mars will be US planet.
Did you know California State, One State alone ranked top in GDP out of 192 Countries of the world.

Germany & France have totally opposite policies toward China. # France use "appeasement" like in WW2 towards Hitler (Now Xi) as for # Germany use "confronting" approach towards Adversaries/China. I see Germany as the New "Rising Power" Economically, Technologically & Militarily in Western Europe and see France as "declining power" in Western Europe. If Germany proceed arming ...  Germany will become so powerful to take on and defeat Russia ALONE.
RESULT. China "softened" after debate with Germany. Europe has to deal with China sooner or later (no choice) for NATO founder & leader United States is in FOCUS to confront China once and for all. No Game but Yes Real. Amenn. The Contract in NATO says *one for all & all for one*. NATO countries [ 31 ] either "Honor & Adhere" their contract or "breached" their contract. Mandated Militarily.
Note. United States Military Bases from California have MOVED/MOVING to *Forward Frontline Bases* in Japan & Philippines to COMBAT China. This ACTION is dead serious. Amenn. United States President Joe Biden is in NO mood for "False Alarm". ACTIONS speak LOUDER than Statements not to mention the high COST of defending FREEDOM worldwide. China MUST pay/repay all the costs involved.

"U.S. Military Presence" is GOOD & GUARDIAN for Asia to maintain PERMANENT PEACE & PROSPERITY. AAO can be provided to defend Freedom Democracy & Security for ALL. Amenn. "ASEAN is in the War Zone" like it or not in countering China's Aggression in West Philippines Sea.
"Force will be met with Equal or Greater Force".

"Force will be met with Equal or Greater Force".
2023 A.D. / Asia Assault Operations [ AAO ].
U.S. Military Bases MOVED from U.S. West Coast to "Forward Bases" in Japan & Philippines to use FORCE if necessary. Amenn.